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One of the best cuts on Porch Sessions is the humid and sultry “A Woman Named Trouble,” which showcases Jake Friel on vocals and John Nemeth on harmonica. Built on a subtle-yet-simmering funk groove, the track creates that smoky 3AM headspace that made many of us fall in love with the truth of the blues. When Friel tells us his woman “can make a baby out of a full-grown man,” we are left with no choice but to believe.

Canton Repository


 Onstage, Jake James Friel has swagger, confidence in spades and the kind of natural talent that seems effortless.  He’s 22 now, but he already had everything in place the first time I saw him. He was 14 then, playing inspired harmonica and singing the blues like a seasoned hepcat with his teenage band the Brighter Side at a local bar. Friel worked the crowd with ease.

“The thing is, I got so attached to blues music when I was very young, that by the time I was 14, playing live shows was almost a second-nature thing to me,” Friel said last week.  

Dan Kane Entertainment Editor

May 24, 2018




"I first met Jake in August 2011 at SPAH Virginia Beach. Not only was he clearly a bright young man, he was already a sophisticated harp player who really got it - and his singing was amazing too. Jake fell in love with the BlowsMeAway custom wood harp mics for their tone, their handling comfort and their looks. I was, and remain to this day very proud to endorse Jake Friel!" 

Greg Heuman


February 12, 2019

Stage 5 Amps


 Announcing our newest signature model Stage 5 Amp.

The Jake Friel

Jake is an outstanding young pro player out of Canton, Ohio. He has old-school tone and style that is perfect for our amps. We are proud to add him to the team along with Ronnie Shellist and JD Taylor.

How does it sound, you ask? What distinguishes it from other amps? Warm Crunch, and lots of it. It'll clean up good, but the natural inclination of the amp is to crunch. It is loud, punchy, in your face.

Rick Davis , Owner

Stage 5 Amps

January, 11, 2019