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Front Street Blues


This record was written in the last car of a West bound Zaphyr on it's way to Denver, Colorado.  Grounded in the Blues, this album will hopefully take you on a journey similar to the one in which it was written.

Stage 5 Amps


 The Jake Friel Signature Amp

We are proud to add him to the team along with Ronnie Shellist and JD Taylor. 

How does it sound, you  ask? What distinguishes it from other amps? Warm Crunch, and lots of it. It'll clean up good, but the natural inclination of the amp is to crunch. It is loud, punchy, in your face.

Blues Foundation


Front Street Blues is the 2018

NE-Ohio Blues Association Winner and was entered into the 35th  Blues Foundation/International Blues Challenge Best Self Produced CD.

Jake James, Front Street Blues, is a Finalist.

Front Porch Sessions


  One of the best cuts on Porch Sessions is the humid and sultry “A Woman Named Trouble,” which showcases Jake Friel on vocals and John Nemeth on harmonica. Built on a subtle-yet-simmering funk groove, the track creates that smoky 3AM headspace that made many of us fall in love with the truth of the blues. When Friel tells us his woman “can make a baby out of a full-grown man,” we are left with no choice but to believe.

Rock and Blues Muse


On the Road


Jake is currently on the road with A.J. Fullerton in Montana.

He will be returning to Ohio soon.

Looking forward to a very busy summer schedule.  Stay tuned for dates and locations..