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Seydel Harmonicas


Since 2011, Jake has been an 

endorsed artist with Seydel Harmonicas.

Seydel Harmonicas was established in 1847.  It is the oldest harmonica manufacturer in the world.  We were proud to add Jake, at age 13, to our list of  endorsed artists from around the world .  We knew even then, he had a bright future ahead of him. 

Jake has proven us right.  He has moved forward with a successful professional career and is well known within the harmonica and Blues Community. 

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“The first time I picked up this mic at the SPAH convention in Virginia Beach I knew I had to have it. It was lightweight, had great sound and looked really cool.  I have since put all my "antiques" away including my beloved green bullet and custom JT-30 aka "Shrek" that I used to adore.  Nothing can touch the mic Greg made; there is artistry involved in creating this mic. The fact that this is made from a single piece of wood “blows me away”.  The volume control has changed my playing; I love the ease and control it gives me on stage. The mic is extremely light and easy to use especially for longer shows.    Because I play it all the time the color has deepened and gotten richer. I can’t wait to get my next one with a custom grill!   I mention the microphone every show and I always take the time to show it to anyone who asks and refer them to the website. ”

-- Jake Friel

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Stage 5 Signature

Announcing our newest signature model Stage 5 Amp: Jake Friel.
Jake is an outstanding young pro play

 Jake Friel Amp 

Jake is an outstanding young pro player out of Canton, Ohio. He has old-school tone and style that is perfect for our amps. We are proud to add him to the team along with Ronnie Shellist and JD Taylor.

Jake will be at our Jams on Beale Street in Memphis on Jan 23 and 24. Come hear him blaze on the Jake amp.

How does it sound, you ask? What distinguishes it from other amps? Warm Crunch, and lots of it. It'll clean up good, but the natural inclination of the amp is to crunch. It is loud, punchy, in your face.

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