Jake (James) Friel first stepped on stage with a harmonica in his hand at the age of 8 years old. Since that day he has been chasing the sound he found on vinyl records printed long before his time. As Jake has grown older, his style and sound have evolved while remaining true to the blues that first inspired him to take the stage.



The first harmonica player Jake ever heard was master bluesman Big Walter Horton; this was also the first time he heard amplified harmonica through a bullet mic. Little did he know, the microphone that Walter was using was an Astatic JT-30. A microphone built in the town Jake spent most of his childhood,  Conneaut, Ohio. Built right across the street from the train station that inspired his first song.

My daughter, Sophia, is my greatest inspiration.  My heart is in Ohio.

"My daughter, Sophia, is my greatest inspiration.  

Becoming a father has opened my heart in ways I never expected.

My heart is always in Ohio..."